Ricochet Recital – September 24th

Ricochet Recital is having its 11th and final Recital Monday, the 24th of September.  Ricochet is a concert series run by Ensemble member Devin Bannon that has raised thousands of dollars for local non-profit arts groups.

Ricochet will no longer be having monthly recitals, but bigger events are on the horizon! For the final monthly recital, there will be a great lineup of performers, including:

Graham Klym
Grant Valdes
Intisaar Jubran
John Coons
Jedadiah Bernards
Garrett Vance
Leigh Stone
Adé A Cônnère
Devin Bannon

The theme of the recital is “Funeral Chic”, so attendees are encouraged to pay their respects to the end of the monthly Ricochet Recitals and dress all in black.

This recital will be raising money for Washington Ensemble Theatre’s upcoming show, The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls by Meg Miroshnik, directed by Ali el-Gasseir, which opens Friday, the 28th of September. Don’t forget to buy your tickets!