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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss Teh Internet is Serious Business

Our production of Tim Price’s Teh Internet Is Serious Business, directed by Wayne Rawley, is NOW PLAYING through October 6. If you are looking for a reason to see the show, here are 10 to get you READY TO GO! 1.The set is fucking INSANE….

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TL;DR – A Brief History of Lulzsec

Ohai! Welcome newf…riends. For all you noobs, this is your crash course in everything Lulzsec to get you ready for Teh Internet Is Serious Business. So log in, rally your bots, and fucking learn something. So, what is Lulzsec? It is hard to talk about Lulzsec…

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Meet the Cast (AKA the Hackers and Memes) of Teh Internet Is Serious Business

ARJUN PANDE last appeared with WET in Revolt. She said. Revolt again., and over the past two years has performed with the Seattle Shakespeare Company (Pericles, Hamlet, The Comedy of Errors), Book-It Repertory Theater (Treasure Island, Emma), and ACTLab (Guards at the Taj). He holds a…

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