TL;DR – A Brief History of Lulzsec

Ohai! Welcome newf…riends. For all you noobs, this is your crash course in everything Lulzsec to get you ready for Teh Internet Is Serious Business. So log in, rally your bots, and fucking learn something.

So, what is Lulzsec? It is hard to talk about Lulzsec without talking about Anonymous first. If you don’t live under a fucking rock, you are aware of Anonymous – the Guy Fawkes mask-donning group of political activists hacking, mainly, for good. The main differentiation between Lulzsec and Anonymous is that Lulzsec was in it for the lulz –  jokes often at the extreme expense of others. Anonymous had been gaining political power with its public stunts, including its dispute with Hal Turner (the racist talk show host), and its “war” with Scientology after the ABSURD video of Tom Cruise was leaked. But seriously, what the fuck is this video? Please view below:


But Lulzsec wanted more Lulz, more punishing of people who were threatening the freedom of the internet. In 2011, they broke away from Anonymous and became a black hat hacker group – hackers who use their skills of hacking security for evil. The group was involved in many major hacks, information leaks, and web site defacing.

Some of their infamous antics include hacking into FOX, taking the CIA website offline, and the notable hack of HBGary – where they hacked the CEO, Aaron Barr, of this INTERNET SECURITY firm and took over his twitter.



There was a core group of six who organized and planned the Lulzsec attacks.

Name: Jake Davis (photo by Charlie Forgham-Bailey)

Online Alias: Topiary

Age at Arrest: 18

Hometown: Shetland Islands, Scotland

Role: Ran the Lulzsec twitter and wrote all public statements. A spokesman of sorts for the group.

Name: Mustafa Al-Bassam (photo by REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth)

Online Alias: Tflow

Age at Arrest: 16

Hometown: London, England

Role: INSANELY talented coder and hacker

Name: Kayla (Ryan Ackroyd) (photo courtesy of the IB Times)

Alias: Kayla

Age at Arrest: 24

Hometown: South Yorkshire, England

Role: Social engineering specialist, hacker, and predominant server penetrator

Name: Hector Monsegeour (photo by SETH WENIG/AP)

Alias: Sabu

Age at Arrest: 28

Hometown: New York City – Lower East Side

Role: Founder of Lulzsec, highly skilled hacker, and eventual FBI informant

Name: Darren Martyn (photo courtesy of The Irish Times)

Online Alias: Pwnsauce

Age when everyone else was arrested: 19, he wasn’t until he was 24

Hometown: Galway, Ireland

Role: Jack of all trades hacker


AVUnit – Only core member whose identity has never been uncovered


For further exploration, we recommend the following:



Q: Does Lulzsec know that the play exists?

A: Absolutely. Below is a post play discussion from the Royal Court Theatre with Topiary, Pwnsauce, Tflow, and Kayla.

Q: Where are they now?

A: After serving small sentences in jail, they now all work in the cyber security field in different aspects. Also, you can follow them all on Twitter:







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Written by WET’s Literary Manager Maggie Rogers.