A New Pricing Model for Vote Art Vote

Producing Director Erin Bednarz announces WET’s commitment to ticket accessibility and putting our community first.

WET’s latest artistic endeavor, Vote Are Vote (streaming Oct. 15 – Nov. 3, 2020) continues the Ensemble’s commitment to providing audiences the chance to experience fresh, diverse, and ground-breaking creative perspectives. The piece was conceived by Raja Feather Kelly (UGLY, 2020) and it unfolded when we asked him how he might approach new ways of digital content making. His answer was loud and clear: to get out into the community and engage with the art in the heart of Seattle.

As an extension of Raja’s vision for this piece, we have created a tiered ticketing structure for this online performance. In order to best serve our community, we cannot assume that each person can (or should) have to meet the same criteria when it comes to viewing this performance. WET is so grateful to be connecting with Raja, co-curator Dani Tirrell, and the incredible artists generating work and performing in Vote Art Vote. As the producers of this work, WET is examining the framework of ownership over the art being created, and is identifying the white-supremacist hierarchical structures that traditionally accompany that framework. The content of Vote Art Vote is created by the artists involved from their own genius. This ticketing structure exists to keep ownership with the artists and their communities first, and then to examine who our audience members are and what they need. Our new ticket pricing model looks like this:

Community Ticket— $0.00
Vote Art Vote was created by and for QTBIPOC and should not require a barrier to be accessed by their community members. If you self-identify this way, you can view this material at no financial cost.

Access Ticket— $5.00 
Access ticketing applies to communities typically referred to as student, senior, artist, industry, and also includes anyone who benefits from a lessened barrier to view this work.

General Admission— $15.00
These tickets are for a general audience who the Community or Access ticket pricing does not apply to.

Supporter Ticket— $30.00 
Purchasing a ticket at this level helps to further support the longevity of WET and our endeavors to genre-bend in the digital age. 

Additionally, we are offering a new way to access our work through community donation. Partially in response to We See You White American Theater, we aim to be an organization in service of the public good. One that not only presents but also advocates for the communities represented in the stories we share in our programming. In an effort to get to know more BIPOC organizations doing outstanding work in their communities, we are inviting our patrons to do the same. You can choose an organization that you feel aligns with social justice for QTBIPOC communities and submit a donation receipt to tickets@washingtonenemble.org and we’ll give you a comp code you can use on a General Admission ticket. Want a suggestion for where to donate? We can help! We recommend learning more and donating to Lavender Rights Project, King County Equity Now, or Black Voters Matter.

WET is excited to see what conversations come from this model of art accessibility, and to see how our patrons choose to engage with the different options available to them. We hope you’ll join us for Vote Art Vote and we hope you’ll also join us in voting this election season. (Check your voter registration here!)

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