September 28 and 29, 2023

This program aims to cross-pollinate Seattle’s dance and theater communities by expanding our artists’ audiences and platforms and experimenting with resources, inspiration, and unique ways choreographers can create new work. The program is centered around a low-stakes, high-risk mentality that encourages experimentation, creativity, and play. This year will bring two choreographers to the stage and set of Dream Hou$e, unleashing their creativity to craft captivating movement pieces that meld seamlessly with the play’s thematic landscape. 




Angel Aguayo

A liquid performer with animal instincts, Angel is a professionally trained buffoon and local drag sensation.
Often exploring themes of death, heartache, and beauty, their work colors in the space between thought and action
without sacrificing narrative. A long-time Seattleite and desert transplant with an affection for low budget horror,
they can be found beneath floorboards, perched in dark corners, and anywhere fabulous creatures are kept.












Devin Muñoz

 A dancer and multimedia artist based in the greater Seattle area.

Since graduating Magna Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts in 2017,

her work has been showcased in various performances around Seattle, including

the premiere of the Seattle-based dance company El Sueño, and most recently,

“These have bones; I’ve carried” for The Bridge Project 2023 by Nicole Cardona.

Devin’s multidisciplinary, community-based approach to capturing movement has led

her to collaborate with a variety of local artists and businesses in the Pacific Northwest,

such as TomboyX, PRICE.arts, and KaisaFit to bring their vision to life. Through her work,

Devin aims to create purposeful archives for reflection and hopes to inspire others to do the same.