The Strange Case of Dr. Cher and Mr. Donna


Washington Ensemble Theatre has decided to take the necessary step to postpone our run of The Strange Case of Dr. Cher and Mr. Donna until May of 2021. If you currently have a ticket to this show, please email for more information. 

By Jody Kuehner
Directed by Maggie L. Rogers

World Premiere

She’s baaaaack! Stranger Genius Award winner Cherdonna Shinatra joins forces with WET once again, and this time she’s the best abortion provider around! Her vibrant and soothing clinic provides care, comfort, and stability to anyone in need of an abortion. But lying just outside her clinic door is a group of anti-choice protesters determined to shut her down and drive her into madness. Partnering with Shout Your Abortion’s Amelia Bonow, Cherdonna will explore the duality between reason and rage as she tries to keep her compassion in a world that is trying to make her out to be a villain.