2022 Season

Warning! Warning! System Failure in 3, 2, 1…BOOM! Like much of the world, we have had front row seats to the crumbling of societal infrastructures over the past two years. When a system fails us, we have two choices. One, throw in the towel and succumb to the disparity. Or two, attempt to build a new world that serves each and every one of us. At WET, we crave stories that challenge unjust ideologies and celebrate characters who have the guts to scream out against the status quo — and our 18th season is no different.

This year, we explore how a failed system can open a door to radical potential and possibility. We are shining a spotlight on those rouge trail blazers who are taking matters into their own hands. This season’s characters will come to realize that their lives will never return to normal. But “normal” was the problem. While systems may have failed, the human spirit did not.

The Ensemble’s gut-punch of a season will present fan favorite programming you know and love showcasing local artists, a kick-ass fundraising party that celebrates the renegade in all of us, and a surrealist, rollicking adventure-comedy that holds our feet to the fire and puts The American Dream to task.

Chaos is the catalyst for the emergence of new passions, ideologies, and revolutions. Tap into your inner insurgent and join WET as we move forward into Season 18.



Feb 19, 2022 + Feb 24, 2022

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April 15 - May 7, 2022

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May 13 - 14, 2022

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