Choreographers and dancers don’t often have opportunities to utilize complex or fully-realized sets. With this in mind, Washington Ensemble Theatre provides opportunities for dancers to make and perform pieces on the elaborate theatrical sets of its mainstage productions. This year, on the set of Our Dear Dead Drug Lord, witness the magic of choreographers Zara Martina Lopez & kelly langeslay
















Originally from Medellin-Colombia, Zara Martina Lopez ( They, She, He) is a Seattle

based dancer, performer, story teller, filmmaker and photographer. They studied fashion photography in São Paulo, Video and Dance in Cuba and worked as a video dance instructor at the University of Antioquia in Colombia. They have performed as a dancer for Jerboa dance (2017).  FIRELIGHT, a Velocity Dance Center program, (2022) at Blackbox weatherman at On the boards (2022) They were part of the Seattle festival of dance + Improvisation (SFD+I) (2022). They also performed at 12 Minute Max: Edition one.

Combining mediums such as dance, drag,

theater, spoken word, video and photography,

their work pulses with the synergy of myriad

techniques that give shape to their unique

visual poetry. Photo credit: Jim Coleman






kelly langeslay (they/she) is a queer mover, performer, creator, and writer. In their work, kelly explores identity, connection, performativity, and fluidity of language and meaning through semi-autobiographical storytelling, improvisation, and a shifting relationship to the audience. kelly graduated from the University of Washington in 2020 with a BA in Dance and a BS in Psychology. They have created work for 12 Minutes Max, the Flight Deck Residency at Open Flight Studio, and several UW Dance shows. Some of kelly’s artistic and personal interests include words, trees, excess, and craigslist missed connections.