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If you’ve found yourself on this page, we’re so excited that you’re interested in getting involved! There are several ways to hang with us:



The Ensemble is a democratic, volunteer-based collective of cultural workers who seek joy and empowerment through sharing the work of collaborative artmaking. We are looking to grow our team of artist-administrators, and welcome anybody to apply who seeks an artistic home, is passionate about radical contemporary art, enjoys creative collaboration in a fun and familial environment, and is looking to gain hands-on experience. We’re searching for  individuals who are interested in committing to helping WET grow as an organization or those who are generally curious in learning more about how we operate. Prior experience or interest in Marketing, Development, Production, Company Management, Casting, Patron Services, Literary Management, Executive Assistance or general support is helpful but not required.

Does that sound like you? Here’s everything you need to know: Ensemble Recruitment Information and Process. If that’s not quite what you’re looking for, scroll down for more information about Affiliate Artists, or our General Interest form!

After reviewing the Recruitment Information and our Values Statement (below), it could be time to submit your application. Check out the link below to start your process toward Ensemble Membership. We are so stoked to meet you!!


At this time we are prioritizing Ensemble Member Applications received before July 13, 2022.



We hope to offer Affiliate Artists a creative home and the opportunity to participate in our season selection process, without the commitment of full Ensemble membership. We are seeking individuals with strong beliefs about the work they would like to see being made in Seattle, and who seek affiliation with an institution and other artists making radical and contemporary performance . For more information about the benefits and expectations, check out our Affiliate Artist Recruitment and Process document.

After reviewing the Recruitment Information and our Values Statement (below), it could be time to submit your application. Check out the link below to start your process towards becoming an Affiliate Artist. We are so stoked to meet you!!




Washington Ensemble Theatre (WET) identifies as a community of boundary pushing artists who validate, challenge, and learn from each other. As a historically white and majority white-passing organization, we aim to expand the identities of the people we work with, the viewpoints we center, and the stories we tell to better reflect our city, neighborhood, and audience. In order to achieve that WET is incorporating anti-racist practices into our daily ways of being. Some of these practices include:

  • Equitable season planning
  • Lessened fiscal barriers in accessing The Ensemble’s programming
  • Existence of DEI Committee at our board level with Ensemble participation
  • BIPOC led literary department
  • Script reading criteria investigating race, gender and disability values 
  • Increased transparency around organizational expectations
  • Progress toward equitable and transparent hiring practices
  • Progress toward increased transparency around budgetary decision making 
  • Progress toward development of leadership team succession plan 

That said, we have a long way to go. Should you like to know more about any of these practices or inquire about other areas of WET, we have Ensemble members excited to talk with you who have varying positions and identities within the company:

  • Leadership
  • Non-Leadership
  • BIPOC Affinity
  • Gender Non-Conforming Affinity

Start a conversation here.



Want to be a part of our community? Fill out this short survey to connect to WET on your terms. Areas of interest include:

  • Performance and Event Announcements
  • Artistic Collaborations
  • Audition Notices
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Donors and Board Members
  • And more!