Our Mission

To bring immediate and accessible theatre to a diverse audience.

What We Do

The Washington Ensemble Theatre is committed to maintaining an environment wherein our members, as well as artists from our community, are challenged to grow through our work as an ensemble.

We intend for our theatre to be a physical and creative intersection for community and art in Seattle, and we hope to expand our contemporary audience, by fostering a love of theatre’s humanity, utility, and vitality.

Board of Directors

Susan Davis – President
Ashton Hyman
Peter Eberhardy
Nichole Poinski
Jason Wood
Lincoln Uyeda
Kristyne A. Hughes
Ali el-Gasseir*
Samie Spring Detzer*

Advising Attorney: Ben Hellerstein for K&L Gates

*Member of The Ensemble


THE 2013-2014 ENSEMBLE

Ali el-Gasseir, Lead Producer*
Noah Benezra, Literary Manager*
Kelsey Von Stubbe, Marketing Director
Devin Bannon, Public Relations Manager*
Samie Detzer, Company Manager*
James Schreck, Assistant Production Manager & Resident Sound Designer
Leah Salcido Pfenning, Casting Director
Peter Shipley, Front of House Director
Cameron Irwin, Resident Scenic Designer & Patron Services
Maria Manness, Production Manager
Jeffrey Azevedo, Finance Director

Welcome new members:
Rachel Liuzzi
Bobbin Ramsey

*Denotes Co-Artistic Director