WET’s 15th Anniversary Season


Everything You Touch

September 21 - October 8, 2018

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January 11-28, 2019

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Feathers and Teeth

March 26 - April 15, 2019

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The GUSH Series: Singlet

April 25 - May 5, 2019

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Washington Ensemble Theatre was founded 15 years ago by amazingly talented, headstrong, and ambitious artists who decided to create the art they believed Seattle needed to see. They were rigorous, they were persistent, and they were dedicated. Since that time, the company has changed members, venues, and mission, but the spirit remains the same. At WET we believe in pushing the limit. Let’s do more, let’s get more, let’s be more. Season 15: More, More, More. Season 15 isn’t about the capitalist sentiment that bigger is better, but is rather a declaration that we’re growing—and that’s a good thing! This year we will produce Everything You Touch, Sheila Callaghan’s opulent, fashionista-focused comedy about society’s obsession with body image. Next is Guillermo Calderon’s B, a tightly-wound absurdist play about the complicated and irrational nature of violence, terrorism, and activism. Rounding out the season is Charise Castro Smith’s goosebump-inducing horror comedy Feathers and Teeth, which grapples with the power of grief and the dangers of the other side. I am also pleased to introduce a new addition to our programming: GUSH. Starting for the first time with Season 15, this series brings a piece of theatrical work from outside Seattle to be performed on WET’s stage. You’ll see vibrant new artists, fearless contemporary performance, form-breaking theatrical experiences once a year, as part of our season. We are thrilled to be able to expand WET’s yearly offerings, to invest in internationally acclaimed artists, and to give Seattle audiences the chance to experience new kinds of creative perspective. In Season 15, GUSH will bring to Seattle Singlet, genre-defying Erin Markey’s tenacious look at earned intimacy and how rivalry, affection, and power intersect. WET is growing—we know it, and you know it. So why not welcome that growth, embrace the expansion, and celebrate the future we have all created together over the past 15 years? Join us for Season 15: More, More, More. SAMIE SPRING DETZER Artistic Director

More, More, More!